2 for £15 on all burgers!

Its been a longtime coming but our bar and kitchen is now open all evenings!

AND on Mondays we'll be doing 2 burgers for £15!! Menu:

The Apebanger - Beef Pattie, bacon, crispy onions, cheesy sauce, pickles and crushed frazzles!

The Bluey - Beef Pattie, Blue Cheese, Bacon, Caramlised Onion, Pickles!

The Winner Winner - Breaded Chicken Breast, Jalapenos, Red Onion, BBQ sauce, Cheesy Sauce!

Clucking Hell - Breaded Chicken Breast, Jalepenos, Reaper Sauce and Pepperoni!

Mr Bean - Mixed Bean and Sweet Potatoe Pattie with Red Onion and Sweet Chilli Sauce